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Our Story

The Amaro family purchased the farm eight years ago from the family that homesteaded it. Since that time the family has been working tirelessly to restore and preserve its presence. As the second-ever family to take ownership of this special piece of San Juan history, our goal is to educate, raise awareness, and involve the community in the importance of small town, sustainable agriculture. Our dream is to play host to a space where knowledge & skills are passed down through generations, friendships are forged, memories made, and laughter shared – all in the spirit of show casing small town farming in big-hearted communities. 

We currently raise three different breeds of sheep (Hampshire-Suffolk, Wensleydale and Valais Blacknose). We have developed a special focus on Valais Blacknose as there are very few Valais breeders within the United States. Here at Amaro Farm we participate in regenerative agriculture practices through our IVF program - this allows us to slowly integrate Valais genes into our existing flock, hoping to preserve this uniquely adorable, friendly and rare breed for decades to come.

Amaro Farm also plays host to a small (but growing) Hazelnut orchard perched alongside our flowing fields of Heritage Rye. In the coming seasons, the Heritage Rye will find its use in our Aviation-themed, small-batch, craft distillery: Flat Hat Distilling. The name Flat Hat stems from an old aviation term used to describe how barnstormers would fly so low to the ground that they would quite literally – flatten your hat. There are many treasures to be found around the property including the original Friday Harbor airport signal light, as well as a portion of the original Wright Brothers plane. Flat Hat will produce a variety of spirits including whiskey, bourbon, vodka, brandy, rum and other liqueurs. This craft operation will also offer tastings, tours, and small selection of bite-sized charcuterie plates to enjoy alongside this. Check back for grand opening dates!


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