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Sheep Milk Sugar Scrub

Exfoliate and revitalize your skin with our English lavender sheep milk sugar scrub! We have combined the skin nourishing benefits of sheep milk with pure cane sugar, coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and lavender buds. The pure cane sugar and lavender buds will gently exfoliate your skin while the rich combination of the coconut oil and sheep milk will leave your skin soft and nourished. You will also feel the amazing benefits of aromatherapy with our 100% pure lavender essential oil.
Directions: Apply scrub to wet skin and rub in a circular motion. Let it sit on your skin for a few minutes then rinse with warm water.
Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, coconut oil, saponified sheep milk, lavender buds, lavender essential oil.
Net weight: 7.5 oz
We do not use sticky labels on any of our packaging. Our relaxing English lavender sheep milk sugar scrub comes in a beautiful oval hexagon glass jar ready for you to reuse.

$18.00 7.5oz


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